Fire Stations

Station #1


Station #1 is located on East Van Buren in the City of Eureka Springs.  This is were our staff resides alongside a fire engine, ladder truck, and three ambulances.

Station #3


Located in downtown Eureka Springs, across from City Hall, Station #3 houses one fire engine and our parade truck.

Station #4


Hidden behind the Eureka Springs Police Department off of Passion Play Road is Station #4.  Here we keep one fire engine and one water tender.

Station #5


Station #5, also known as the Concord Station, is located off of CR 302 and houses a fire engine and water tender.

Station #6


Station #6 is located off of CR 108 and services the Buck Mountain area.  There is a fire engine, brush truck, and water tender live.

Station #7


A few miles South of Eureka Springs on Highway 23S is Station #7.  Here a fire engine, two brush trucks, and two ambulances are located.